This is how much a 1 hour driving lesson costs

        Fuel, £3.50

        Car, £5.00                                                                                                       

(this includes wear and tear ie,tyres car it self + insurance)

        profit  £9.50 an hour based on £19 an hour

Note these costs will go up if the car is changed frequantly

now if you go with a franchised school ie,

bsm,AA,drivers,4wheels,billplant, you will pay more for the driving

lesson as the driving instructor has got to pay the driving school owner

who sits in the office?

this can be as little as £40 aweek +£15 for every pupil the instructor needs

or as much £190 aweek +£58 for every pupil the instructor needs.

most instructors start with a driving school then set up on there own

and carry on charging there sky high prices.