skills you need to learn

Cockpit drill

when you get in the car make sure the handbrake is on and all the doors are closed properly.

  • The seat is in the best position, and you can reach all the controls.
  • the  head restraint is set correctly.
  • set the mirrors, centre 1st then door mirrors
  • check gear lever is in neutral ?

starting the engine

  • Switich on ignition lights turn the key 1 more position
  • release the key as soon as the engine begins running other wise the
  • starter could be DAMAGED.
  • the engine should now be idling ( ticking over)


  •  left is clutch

    centre is foot brake

  • right is accelerater/gas.                                                                                 

Moving off 

  • set the gas at a lively hum about 1500rpm.

    press the clutch all way down palm the gear lever into first slowly bring clutch up till the

  • bonnet rises slightly engine hum/reves dip slightly the biting point. 

  • now look over left shoulder to check blind spot then road ahead then centre mirror then

    right shoulder to check the right blind spot signal if a necessary timing

  • of any signal is very important.

  • if its safe lift hand brake slightly and press button in and make sure you

    let the handbrake all the way down.

  • look round again if necessary the car should be moving now it may necessary to let the

    left pedal (clutch) up about the thickness of a pound coin and press gas about the same

  • do not let the clutch up quickly you might stall

    as the car moves press gas gradually more and let the clutch up all the way slowly and

  • turn the steering wheel slightly to the right to move the car awayn from the curb

  • don't signal move out regardless

    don't sit there with a signal showing if you can't move off safely


    always check alround before moving off

  •  only signal if someone will benefit from

    the signal don't rush    


  • check  you centre mirror first then your left door mirror to see what's behind you and


    the side of you decide if you need to signal  ease off the gas the car will start to slow

  • down slightly steer to the left now slightly press the brake and press the clutch all the way

  • down quickly to stop the engine stalling 

  •  keep both foot on the the clutch and the foot brake now press the button in the

    handbrake and pull  it up and let the button out now gently put the gear lever in neutral

  • and take your foot off the pedals slowly